Hotel Management &
Property Development Services

Commitment to Excellence

The services offered by AHM have been put into place to ensure the financial success of every property we manage. By concentrating our efforts only in the hotel industry and not diluting our focus through involvement in other property types, we have been able to hone our management services to a level providing outstanding client satisfaction.

Financial Services

Property Development

Through years of experience strictly managing the numbers for dozens of properties, we have streamlined our process to achieve unparalleled efficiencies. We provide the tight controls and detail you need to feel confident in the position of your investment. Our financial services include:

  • Performing revenue and yield management practices consistent with management expertise, owner guidelines, and franchise agreements.
  • Implementation and oversight of budgetary controls and criteria.
  • Analysis of all financial reports relative to your hotel’s operation.
  • Timely delivery of monthly and annual profit and loss statements and balance sheets, providing you consistent access to these important figures.
  • Implementation and management of all financial reporting procedures allowing accurate, timely, and user-friendly monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting.
  • Payment management of all operational bills, including (but not limited to) taxes, insurance, and disposable operational items. AHM principals look at every single bill ensuring each is within budget and expectations.
  • Reviewing existing expense control practices and policies and modifying where necessary to keep all outlays within budget.
  • Reviewing accounts receivable and pursuing payment with proven collection procedures when necessary.
  • Daily review of revenue budget numbers. This allows anything falling outside projections to be investigated and remedied early.


Hotel Management

At AHM, we believe communication is key to the satisfaction of all parties we work with and is an important factor in the success of the properties we manage. Our communication function includes:

  • Daily contact with the property via telephone and e-mail to monitor, manage, and react to on-going operational needs.
  • Regular inspections to guide on-site managers in the development of improvement plans and to monitor plan implementation.
  • Monthly manager conference call meetings with all site general managers to share information and ideas, and address specific useful topics.
  • Providing experienced liaison between you and the hotel; or you, hotel and the franchisor.
  • Working with local community leaders, other businesses, and organizations.
  • Advising you of any necessary compliance with local, state, and federal laws which govern the operation of your property.
  • Providing timely financial reports designed to give you reliable and regular access to this important information. (See details in Financial Services section above.)

Operations Services

Hotel Properties

AHM knows how to run successful and profitable hotel properties. We know the industry and the market, and understand the franchise business as well as what makes independents thrive. Our operations services are a culmination of years of hands-on experience and a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of all facets of the hotel business. Our Operations Services include:

  • Taking whatever steps needed for the successful and economical operation of the hotel within agreed upon boundaries.
  • Bringing in experienced management teams from other properties we have under contract if the need arises.
  • Ordering supplies and other materials at competitive market rates. Some supply contracts can be leveraged with other properties granting us considerable cost savings. We take no markup on these supplies or contracts and pass all savings directly onto you.
  • Supply inventory management and maintenance.
  • Maintaining the property and contracting for repairs if needed.
  • Contracting with insurance providers to maintain liability, workmen’s compensation, property damage, and all other necessary insurance.
  • Obtaining all licenses and permits necessary for the operation of the property. This includes performing all acts that may be required by any applicable statute or regulation.
  • Staffing the hotel with exceptional employees: hiring and discharging as required, payroll management, and training.

Marketing Services

Hotel Management

Since we are successful in many niche-type markets and operate limited service, full service, extended stay, and resort properties, AHM can provide proven marketing strategies. Our marketing services include:

  • Recommending pricing plans based on the market, brand, and your objectives.
  • Creating sales materials such as brochures and websites.
  • Managing promotion and communication activities such as advertising, direct sales, and PR events.
  • Providing sales training for your personnel.
  • Developing a marketing strategy and implementing the plan to increase your asset value.